Since 2008 I have researched structural and functional changes in a variety of neurodegenerative disease and neurological disorders using magnetic resonance imaging.  I have analyzed images collected on a variety of systems including SIEMENS, GE and  Philips. 

MRI Systems and Hardware:

  • 3T Siemens Prisma w/64 channel headcoi

  • 3T Siemens Trio w/32 channel headcoil

  • 7T Siemens Magnetom w/5th order custom shim insert and 8x2 Parallel Transmit/Receive headocoil

  • 3T Philips Achieva with 32 channel headcoil

  • 1.5T Siemens Sonata

  • 3T GE Signa HDx Scanner with 8 channel headcoil

  • Siemens IDEA Environment and Console

  • Physiological signal acquisition through SIEMENS Wireless system

  • Neuroimaging Solutions - fMRI motor task presentation and force transducer recording