The Advanced Diffusion Preprocessing Pipeline incorporates advanced features such including the following:

  • Accepts Single scans, Multiple concatenated scans and Paired (Opposite Phase Encoding) diffusion scans 
  • Advanced Denoising Algorithms 
  • Manual filtering of bad directions prior to tensor calculation 
  • Correcting gradient flip errors in the Dicom to NIFTI conversion process 
  • B0 distortion correction 
  • Improved Eddy Current Correction which minimizes distortions, rotates b-vectors, and improves spatial resolution 
  • Improved warping to MNI space

The pipeline produces FA, MD, RD, AD, Trace, as well as Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues. Tensor files are also created using shells within the linear regime (b < 1600). Distortion/eddy current corrected files can also be used for NODDI analysis.

Fractional Anisotropy map in MNI space